SK Telecom

Total ICT Company that Places the Utmost Value on the Happiness of Our Customers, Employees and Stakeholders

SK Telecom creates value for customers, employees and stakeholders, while making strides towards greater socio-economic advancement and the overall happiness of humanity. Based on AI and digital transformation, SK Telecom will lead ICT innovations and present solutions to social challenges through such innovations.

SK telecom ICT Conglomerate SK telecom ICT Conglomerate

Innovation and Technology

SK Telecom creates innovative products and
services by employing advanced technology
such as 5G and AI.

A Whole New Customer Experience

SK Telecom provides services tailored to customers
through the application of AI technology into
various sectors including media,
security and commerce.

Creation of Social Values

SK Telecom works alongside society on social issues
and seeks to resolve such problems
through ICT innovations.