The Kiwi Chamber hosts a diversity of events to facilitate networking opportunities within our community and beyond.

Signature Events

The NZ Wine Festival Events in Seoul and Busan are the Chamber’s signature events. The Festival attracts over 600 people.

Inspire with Innovation Speakers’ Series

This breakfast series is focused on bringing our members and friends inspiring and innovative stories and topics from Kiwi innovators and leaders. In addition to being great networking opportunities, these forums are designed to be highly interactive and encourage a great exchange of ideas and dialogue between guests and speakers.

“Huis” - Networking Evenings

The name “Hui” in Maori culture, means, a social gathering or assembly. These events are focused on bringing together our members and friends in a relaxed setting … usually at pub with the rugby on the big screen. These are particularly great events for bringing together new friends.

Joint International Community Networking Events

The Kiwi Chamber is an active member of the international community in Seoul. We regularly host events with other foreign chambers. Each year we also participate in the annual Joint Commonwealth Chambers’ Networking Event - a highlight in the international corporate community’s business networking calendar.

Community Events

The Kiwi Chamber jointly host a number of community events each year. While these events are focused on around traditions specific to the NZ / Oceanic community e.g., our National Day - “Waitangi Day”, ANZAC Day / Spring BBQ, etc they are also open to all members and friends. These events are a fantastic way to network, but also to share with our community the things that Kiwis value, celebrate and commemorate.