주한 뉴질랜드 상공회의소

New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea

"Our mission is to support our members and associated companies, organisations or individuals with an interest in the Korea - New Zealand business and trade relationship."

The Kiwi Chamber enjoys an affiliate relationship with The Korea New Zealand Business Council.

The KNZBC is a voluntary group of New Zealand companies, organisations and Government Agencies involved in promoting increased business between Korea and New Zealand. It provides information, useful networking opportunities for members and a forum for information and discussion of issues relevant to the commercial relationship between the two countries.

The Kiwi Chamber is also an affiliate organisation of the Kea New Zealand network. Kea is a global community of New Zealanders and friends of New Zealand that exists to inspire, connect and enable a borderless nation of one million advocates, champions and storytellers for New Zealand.



Provide networking and mentoring program opportunities to New Zealanders working in Korea and for Koreans intending to live and work in New Zealand.

Provide creative, high-quality and innovative services and programs to support its members.

Establish close links with like organisations or associations to enhance closer relations to the benefit of all members.

Promote trade, technology transfer and investment between New Zealand and Korea through a better understanding of the business practices in each country.

Host forums for New Zealand and Korean companies within Korea to exchange views, experiences and to extend contacts.

Deepen the appreciation of Korea and New Zealand’s culture, history and heritage amongst its members.

Provide an effective advocacy group for informing the Korean Government of the views and interests of New Zealand businesses located in or trading with Korea and to assist Korean businesses interact and express views and interests with the New Zealand Government.

Our Logo

Our logo is a combination of a kiwi bird, and two Maori symbols, the Koru and the circle. Together this logo has a special meaning, one that is fitting to the Kiwi Chamber’s new beginning and what the Kiwi Chamber represents. The logo has been designed to look like a Pounamu (greenstone) carving, iconic to our culture in New Zealand.


A beloved native New Zealand bird and an iconic symbol of New Zealand and its people.


Representing growth, nurturing, harmony and new beginnings.


Represents the path of life protecting the Koru; body of the kiwi bird.


Representative of New Zealand’s clean and natural environment.


Pounamu (the Maori name for a type of nephrite jade found only in the South Island of NZ) is a strong, durable and highly valued stone with a deep spiritual meaning. It is often carved into the above symbols.