“The strong line-up of speakers we have today is a testament to the strength of the relationship our two countries have in the tech sector – with capabilities running from in-market development to HR and investment advice,” said Philip Turner, New Zealand Ambassador to Korea. “With the right approach and support of NZTE, the New
 “COVID-19 has had a major impact on all countries and industries throughout the world thrusting the bio-healthcare sector to the centre of discussion,” said Dr. Tony Garrett, Chairman, The Kiwi Chamber. “We are very pleased to work with the Incheon Startup Park to support this timely and necessary global conference which has brought together some
The New Zealand-Korea Tech Panel  “Innovative New Zealand tech firms can thrive in the Korean market if it’s approached correctly and the local environment is well-placed to support them,” said Philip Turner, New Zealand Ambassador to Korea. “Korea’s strengths complement the strengths of New Zealand’s tech sector: ease of doing business; ingenuity; and creativity –

Dinner with the Songjukwon Girls

In lieu of Chuseok 2019 celebrations, the Songjukwon girls visited the New Zealand Ambassador’s Residence for a fun night of entertainment.  The girls performed some wonderful songs and movement as well as a beautifully performed solo dance.  Thanks to ANZ for supporting us with your beautiful dinner boxes and Jim for your solo of Pokarekare